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Alright guys I bought a top mount today and it should be here soon but then I got to wondering is drop through better so I wanted yalls opinion so give your pros and cons to both and give me your honest opinion did I make a good choice?
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Sweet! That's what I do with se freestyle on the side :P any brands you like?
Landyatchz, sector 9, arbor, Madrid, and I heard bustins are great when I first started I really didn't know much past sector 9 and landyatchz
What did you buy btw? I'm curious ;) Some good brands! My personal top 3 are Loaded, Land Yachtz and either Arbor or Original. My buddy is getting a custom Bustin pretty soon! And I own a Land Yachtz Switch 35 and Loaded Tan Tien. The LY is a top mount. Great for downhill since the board is dropped. Super sturdy and fast. The Loaded is a full on cruiser/freestyle board. It's a drop through. More all around. My main uses for it are to cruise and do freestyle as well as some dancing. Sliding is good on both boards as well
Just a blank board for a site I go to a lot nothing special but nothing to bad either but it'll due till I get a new job that pays better and can by a yacht switch 40
I like to say that with a drop through, the board will pull you through the slide; just hang on. A top mount will want you to push and control. I have two drop through, but I ended up top mounting one