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With Thanksgiving around the corner, many of us are either excited to get together with the whole family, or secretly wishing for peace...and quiet. I saw this hilarious (and very true) Myers Briggs infographic that some of you might enjoy. If you don't know your Myers-Briggs, you can take a test here: Here is what the infographic says in case you can't read it: This Thanksgiving, My Wish is... EXTROVERSION Spending time with awesome family and friends, and maybe even meeting some new people! All of the action, chatter, and holiday chaos of the day just adds to the fun! INTROVERSION To spend time with close family and dear friends...hopefully with a nice quiet porch close by, so that I can escape the inevitable exhaustion of the holiday bustle. SENSING For my old, perfected recipes to turn out the best they can, to smell the good food cooking, to taste my old favorites, just like I remember them, and to enjoy my favorite, old's all in the details! INTUITION Enjoying old favorites, trying out some new foods and recipes, creating new traditions, and taking a moment to contemplate and appreciate the meaning of the holiday...that matters more than the perfect side dish or centerpiece. THINKING No drama, no problems, good company...and a win wouldn't hurt. FEELING A harmonious day with loved ones sharing what we are thankful for, including each other. It's a day for warmth, caring, and fun...making everyone feel appreciated and cared for...I sure hope my crazy relatives don't ruin it all! JUDGING Timing the food just right, while people show up at the time they are expected, so that my plan to get dressed at 11:00 in't interrupted by a knock and the food doesn't get cold waiting on late arrivals. It's all perfectly planned! PERCEIVING A laid back day where I can chill out, enjoy the festivities, do what suits me at the moment, and not have to worry so much about people getting uptight about their holiday schedules..hopefully everyone will just relax! Do these ring true for you? What is your wish this Thanksgiving?