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As I sat and watched him, The beast of burden, The beast whose ever onerous labor Knows no end, Who is persistent in his arduous toil, Carrying out his task with the strength of ten, With the strength of twenty; As I sat and watched him, I had a thought. My soul yearns for more; it speaks to me With lachrymose words, Pleading with me to set it free from the abyss, From that dark insatiable consumer of life That has taken many captive, That has stolen many dreams. As I sat and watched him, It causedConsternation In my heart. So, I threw away the mirror, And promised never to look at him again.
Very cool.
I really like this. One of the hardest things to do is self-reflect, and even harder to realize that the person you are acting like might not be you, and even harder than that to throw that person away, or look away from them. Great exploration @EdwardIreland
@EdwardIreland I think you did a pretty great job of it. Our largest obstacle is often ourselves, and we must learn how to deal with and overcome that image and self-restraint that can cause it.
Thanks, @greggr. I see life as a road towards self actualization, upon which self-image plays an important role. See, if we are to ever become who or what we want to be, we must no longer look at ourselves and our circumstances as objects of pity. That's the message I tried to convey in this piece.
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