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You know how every family has a crazy uncle? Yeah. My family has 3. My cousins are adorable, lovable, ...and completely out of control when given any opportunity to rebel. My aunt has two dogs that get under everyone's feet and I always end up sitting next to my eldest cousin who wants to know when I am getting married (I am single. Very single. Also not even 25 yet.) So how do we love our families during this holiday of thanks? Simple. Accept everyone for what they are. Don't expect your four-year old cousins to be angels, don't hold your breath for your grandma to suddenly stop nagging you about getting 'a real job,' don't wait for your aunt's pearled onions to finally taste good. Find traits in your family members that never fail, and learn to love them: Your older sister and her motley crew that are always late - take bets with your other family members on what time they'll arrive! Does your mom get snappy when there are too many people in the kitchen? Be the guard dog and rally everyone in the living room to talk instead! Those crazy younger cousins? Get them involved in a game that doesn't involve juggling your mom's expensive glass ornaments! Do politics always ruin your meal? Keep bringing the conversation to past family events - something everyone can talk about without getting heated. Find what you love best about your family and set up your day in a way that can make those aspects thrive. And most simply, remember they are your family and that without them, you wouldn't be who you are today (even if you can't see any resemblances!) Be thankful for the opportunity to sit down with these people who really care for you, and enjoy the day!
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Great thoughts; you KNOW what things re going to make you mad at holidays, so I often feel like that makes me more volatile in my reactions, but I'm going to try to avoid that this year. Wish me luck, and thanks!