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This is a commission I completed for a client earlier this year. The wood is solid maple. All the lines are burned and the coloring is airbrushed. I used a mix of colors with silver to achieve the pearlescence of the wings. First pic - finished product! Second pic - gluing up the maple boards Third pic - a shot of the boards, glued and sanded. Fourth pic - all of the lines burned in. Fifth pic - a shot after the piece has been cut out with a jigsaw. Remaining pics - the finished product! Anyone can do this! Let me know if you have questions. I'd love to see some Vinglers' handmade fine art!
Thanks @judy1004 and @sanityscout! It's wonderfully relaxing for me to be in my shop working. @judy1004 - no time like the present! I'd love to see some of your fashion designs!
No I actually studied fashion design and no longer working on it but your work makes me want to get back into the field
It's so great to see these process shots behind a work of art!! There are so many things right about this kooky duo - but I have to say my favorite detail is where the monkey is grabbing on with his foot. Best!
Me too, @judy1004 !
@judy1004 I totally understand what you are saying! @McDoogle's work makes me feel inspired and motivated to do art and get my writing going more actively.
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