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Grainfed Art Piece of the Moment, #1: Monkey on a Flying Pig
This is a commission I completed for a client earlier this year. The wood is solid maple. All the lines are burned and the coloring is airbrushed. I used a mix of colors with silver to achieve the pearlescence of the wings. First pic - finished product! Second pic - gluing up the maple boards Third pic - a shot of the boards, glued and sanded. Fourth pic - all of the lines burned in. Fifth pic - a shot after the piece has been cut out with a jigsaw. Remaining pics - the finished product! Anyone can do this! Let me know if you have questions. I'd love to see some Vinglers' handmade fine art!
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No I actually studied fashion design and no longer working on it but your work makes me want to get back into the field
@judy1004 I totally understand what you are saying! @McDoogle's work makes me feel inspired and motivated to do art and get my writing going more actively.
Thanks @judy1004 and @sanityscout! It's wonderfully relaxing for me to be in my shop working. @judy1004 - no time like the present! I'd love to see some of your fashion designs!