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If you find a stellar run, the last thing you want to do is piss locals off. Here are some things I do to prevent that: I'd say overall, the most important thing is to get support from neighbors and cars driving by, so they see respect for their neighborhood! Wave to people a lot. Sounds simple, but every time you act friendly, people are less inclined to think "Oh those damn kids and their skateboards" Wear safety gear. It makes people feel less concerned and less likely to see it as dangerous and call the cops. Don't come with too many friends. Big packs intimidate people. Move between spots if you can. Try not to cut into opposite lanes, especially when there is a car coming. This gives people bad vibes and makes them think you are out of control. Show people you are in control. Speaking of out of control, DON'T GO DOWN A HILL YOU CAN'T HANDLE. If you want to tackle it, do it progressively, bit by bit. If a cop does come, sees you in lots of safety gear, just listen to him, act respectful, and he will probably be chill. He's probably only there because the law requires him to be or someone called. If you are respectful you probably won't get ticketed. Honestly, I've met tons of cops who used to skate back in the day. Sometimes they just have to put on a show for the locals. Learn how to Coleman or Pendy Slide so you can perform shut down slides at high speeds.
i absoloutly agree and also another thing you can do that i like to do is clean'up the area im skating around make the hood look good
Lucky longboarding isn't popular where I'm from, so normally, people just look at us like deer in headlights. xD
Absolutely true. but there will always be one asshole cop though. there always has been for us