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Lookout Mountain Tn. this guy is absolutely insane he could've had a head on collision if one driver made a mistake and was in the middle of the lanes like where does he buy his pants i mean his balls don't fit
Nice run though and yeah he has great control that grade is steeper than it looks in the video.
I know this road, the grade is too steep and the curves too sharp for cars to get crazy on (although some locals will) it takes you down into Chattanooga.
i dont see anything insane in this clip, hes in control at all times, and head on crashes? he has a car driving just behind him, seems like å busy road so dont think they drive in the middle of the road. awesome road tho!
I live in TN and I know that this looks reckless but it isn't that bad drivers know better to pass he would have been more worried about bikers coming up behind him wanting to pass than cars coming up the road.