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The NFC Playoff race is now shaping up and it looks to be an 8 team race. No division is yet decided and the finish to the season is going to be crazy since these teams will have to play each other. The Niners and Seahawks have yet to play each other, but will this Thursday! It will have great playoff implications because the Seahawks currently own the tie breaker. The Niners will likely need to win both games and beat the Cardinals to get the Wild Card. Dallas and Philly are battling to be atop the NFC East and will likely come down to the wire as well. The Cowboys needed to win today and they did. Green Bay is in great position and I think is the likliest to hold on to their division unless the Lions can win out in their division. They too also get to face the Packers again so every team controls their destiny. The Saints will likely win their division just because the division is so terrible. Agree or disagree? Who do you have making the playoffs?
@Goyo The NFC has certainly had a good run in Super Bowls in the past 5 years. I think the Packers would be an excellent representative and the Cardinals would put in another juggernaut defensive team into the bowl. Question is if their offense will be good enough to win it all.
Im personally rooting for the Lions over the Packers. Im a Vikes fan, and I just can't stand to see the Packers make it in. Personally, though, when I see this list, I feel like no one can scare any AFC team. I just don't see any NFC team really being strong enough to take the Superbowl this year. The entire AFC North might be as strong as the top 4 seeds in the NFC..
@TrueBruin rooting for the Niners as well but I have to admit that our chances are pretty slim. It's going to take a miracle. That loss to the Rams earlier in the season really hurt our chances but heres hoping that we can stay tough and outlast opponents like we have the last few games
Rooting for the Niners! Their tough games are at home except for one against the Seahawks and they play the Raiders. If they just win every game they can do it! I believe.
@EightyNine I wouldn't be so quick to say the Cardinals will clinch the NFC West. They've got a pretty tough schedule remaining and if either the Niners or Seahawks win out, then they can take the lead. I think the Seahawks have a great chance at grabbing the West with the Cards being a wild card. The Niners Seahawks games are going to be fun to watch
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