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Andrew Wiggins scores 29 points (on 9-for-22 shooting) and grabs 5 rebounds in a tough loss to the Kings. Wiggins is looking like a steal for the Wolves. They were going to lose Love for nothing and then they are able to get Wiggins back? Wiggins is looking special and I think he'll be top 10 in the league within a few years.
Wiggins will be a good player. He reminds me of Tmac, but not sure he will ever be the guy who leads a championship caliber team
With @DanteL on this one. too early to tell, but he looks like a solid exchange for the vanilla turnstile in Cleveland
Wiggins is the real deal. No he's not going to be Lebron but man look at those moves he's making. Those are veteran player moves
It's just one game... and it was against the Kings. Let him show it again