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Wiggins Gets A Career-High 29-Points
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Andrew Wiggins scores 29 points (on 9-for-22 shooting) and grabs 5 rebounds in a tough loss to the Kings. Wiggins is looking like a steal for the Wolves. They were going to lose Love for nothing and then they are able to get Wiggins back? Wiggins is looking special and I think he'll be top 10 in the league within a few years.
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Wiggins is the real deal. No he's not going to be Lebron but man look at those moves he's making. Those are veteran player moves
With @DanteL on this one. too early to tell, but he looks like a solid exchange for the vanilla turnstile in Cleveland
Wiggins will be a good player. He reminds me of Tmac, but not sure he will ever be the guy who leads a championship caliber team