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Reggie Jackson gets the step on the Warriors' defense for the wicked dunk plus the foul. What should the Thunder do with Reggie Jackson? He's going to be a FA soon and they are going to have to make a tough decision on whether to keep him or not. He is definitely a starter caliber player and I'm sure plenty of NBA teams will come calling. Do they give him up for nothing? Trade him now? Or offer him the money?
I think 10 mil a year is what he's going to get. When he starts he produces.
I am pretty certain he can't get max. There is no way someone who barely has started could demand that much
@lackies2000 No way he gets max but I'm thinking he's going to get 4 years 40-48 million which is way too much
He starter caliber but i got a feeling he gonna get paid like Bledsoe. Some idiot team will overpay for a starter with star level money
Yeah he's a RFA. I feel like the Pacers or Lakers or Bucks could use him
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