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Avery's name isn't Avril, but I get such a kick-ass early Avril feel from it that I can't stop listening! Sure, the lyrics may be a bit brazen, maybe even trashy, as she calls out a boy she wishes she never slept with, but I love it! Rather than being an angry love song, it's almost humorous, with a bunch of Californians snapping bananas in half. What's not to love? More to the point, Avery is seriously kind of awesome. After hearing (and laughing at!) "Sex with You," I checked out some of her other songs through her YT channel. I really love "It's Over (acoustic)" and her cover of "Wake Me Up" by Avicii. It's Over reminds me of every song I sulked to in high school, and the Avicii cover has such a nice soft tone that's a bit melancholy, but not so sad that I can't enjoy it. What do you think? Will Avery develop into an artist we can love as much as Avril? I think yes!
She does seem a bit like an Avril rip-off, but I really like the message in 'It's Not Over' :)
Dear god what have you done...that sex with you song is stuck in my head and I keep singing it out loud...