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Layers of Illusion by Carol Isaak

I always love a photographer that can toy with the viewer's perceptions just through what they see through their lens. Photographer Carol Isaak is one of those photographers. Her project, Layers of Illusion, juxtaposes elements of a location and often time the human figure in such a way that forces us to second guess what we are actually viewing. Carol goes a little deeper than just a fascination with layering with this project, here is her artist statement about the project and what it strives to convey: "In observing the world, I am looking at the flat plane, the pierced plane, and the layers as one plane overlaps the other. There is a dance of sorts, in which I coax the viewersโ€™ eyes in and out of the spaces, simultaneously obscuring, revealing, and altering scale. These are single-shot images gathered in many locations, from Jerusalem to NYC to Myanmar. There are images made from layers of broken glass, plastic, and tarps. The tarpaulins are repurposed as awnings, as tablecloths, as construction covers, and as windbreaks. If there is a narrative, I invite the viewer to create his/her own story."
This is really really cool.
I had to stare at some of these for the longest time before I was able to see what was happening. Very good use of layering!
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