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Collect some pinecones outdoor and make your home smell great this fall/winter. This is the perfect week to start and by Christmas, your whole house will smell warm and cozy! Materials: Pine cones Aluminum foil (optional) Cookie sheet Resealable plastic bags (large) Cinnamon essential oil Spray bottle Cinnamon sticks (optional) Instruction: 1. Use an old cookie sheet or place aluminum foil on a cookie sheet that you use often. Place as many pine cones on the cookie sheet that will fit in a single layer. Put the cookie sheet on the middle rack in a preheated 200 degree oven for about an hour. The pine cones should open up during this time, if they are still tightly closed. This cooking process also kills any bugs and other bacteria that may be living in the pine cones. Let them completely cool. 2. Place the cooled pine cones in a large resealable plastic bag. Make sure there is enough room to securely close the bag. 3. Put a few drops of the essential oil and just a bit of water in the spray bottle, shake and then generously spray the pine cones. Close the bag and shake it to mix the oil with the pine cones. Open the bag and spray again, once more closing and shaking the bag. 4. Leave the bag tightly closed for four to six weeks to infuse the pine cones with the scent. Shake the bag every week or so to distribute the oil scent.
Wow, this is really creative. I should use these for presents.
This will be great for the bathroom because it doesn't actually smell like air freshener!
Yum! This will make my house smell like cookies all the time :)