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i was thinking of watching it..but i'm a sucker for happy endings..... so i'll pass!!
yes, but the plot is quite different...
may be he was blinded..but that's human tendency..we tend to trust and love.. and at times it's a mistake.. but instead of sulking sbout should learn and move on btw bad guy is similar? i just saw the first episode..sad ending?
and I don't care about the time he spent in prison, as long as it was his can be blind when you do not want to see
there is happening something very strange with me: I had the same, let's say, involvement and very bad mood at the beginning of bad guy, with kim nam gil - the same playing mode from his part, the same desire to take revenge, the same sad, sad, tragic ending... What is making me very very upset is not his destiny, but hers, who, at the end of the story, did not anything wrong....I could cry for her over and over again....
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