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The anime series Eureka Seven is just plain cool - it's got surfing through the air, counter-culture zinesters, rebel smugglers, anti-authority battles, awesome MECHA and several love stories, poignant family relationships and bromances. The story centers around 14-year-old Renton Thurston, the son of a legendary military research and war hero who died saving the world. Renton dreams of leaving a dull existence with his mechanic grandfather and taking to the skies to do what they call "lifting," which is a sport on boards kind of like surf or skateboards that surf through the air on something called "trapar" waves. Renton idolizes the ragtag, zine-making, mecha-riding crew of a renegade ship called the Gekkostate. Renton's life takes an interesting turn when one of their mechas, the Nirvash, crash lands onto their property piloted by a mystical, mysterious girl named Eureka. His grandfather asks him to return to the Gekkostate with Eureka to deliver a powerful object called the Amita Drive that awakens immense power in the Nirvash. Many, many things happen afterward, but basically Renton and Eureka discover that they have a fated and powerful connection to each other and the Nirvash, which they then pilot together. Renton joins the crew of the Gekkostate and hilariously finds out about the not-so-glamorous everyday life on a ship with a community of people. Like my favorite types of anime, Eureka Seven combines fantasy elements, technology, cool design and fashion sense. The mechas are awesome - they are sleek, highly mobile and actually "lift" on boards just like the pilots do on their own. That's right, surfing mechas! Also, the story combines great humor and coolness with serious discussions of violence, war and technological weaponization, as well as several ongoing storylines that explore the tragic, beautiful and sad aspects of various types of human relationships. I highly recommend this awesome anime series! In case you want to know more, I attached a link to the Eureka Seven Wiki - but it has spoilers!