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From BOYS OVER FLOWER to a PLAYFUL KISS now it's CITY CONQUEST... looking back- it's from sweet image (twee tums) to a mature role now it's an action drama with romance we're waiting to see... more power KIM HYUN JOONG.
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his acting really improves..the first one, he looks like a statue,no emotions at all, the 2nd one, there's a little emotion there, the hug's okay.. and the third one, he looks awesome, i can see the emotion that he's trying to portray..hope this drama doesn't disappoint us... will be waiting for this..^^
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que envidia me gustaria estar en sus brazos ohh sui
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His really improving a lot in his acting, although he is a good artist specially in his singing and dancing prowess, I know that his acting in this drama City Conquest will not disappoint us...
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i guess he really is improving... can't wait for city conquest... hope it doesn't really disappoint us...
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