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Has anyone ever heard about this thing,freebord as in this video. It look so much like snowboarding. What do you think of this?
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I've ridden one and it sucks
3 years ago·Reply
Boyfriend got one I learned would been cool if he didn't sell it it your willing to stick with it get it it's worth it!
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I don't get why you longboarders are complaining. if you don't like it forget about it. they are just trying to bring snowboarding to the streets so you can board all year long. I totally forgot about these and now I want one again!
3 years ago·Reply
My buddy has one. I wouldn't call it a longboard at all, completely different feeling. It's fun in it's own right once you get used to it so I'll give it that
3 years ago·Reply
free boarding is more like snowboarding than longboarding
3 years ago·Reply