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Hello fellow gamers, MOBA fans (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), fellow technical Alpha Heroes of the Storm players, and general Blizzard game enthusiasts... I've been enjoying Heroes of the Storm for a few months now, and I've decided to document some of my experiences with my favorites of the free hero rotations as they happen. My hope is to document how I feel playing each hero, and to hear back from you what you think I missed or what you like/dislike about them as well. And if you're not in the Technical Alpha, like me before I got in, hopefully this will provide some fresh perspectives on the content that will soon be widely available in the beta testing and release (supposedly sometime in 2015). Without further ado here are my impressions for a few of the free hero rotations for Nov 18-25: Anub'arak- (Melee Warrior, Warcraft) - 'An00b' as he's often called when I'm playing him, is a pretty tanky hero. I tend to enjoy playing ranged styles, and with the right build An00b fits the bill, but unlike other ranged attackers has the ability to jump into the middle of the fray and not get killed. My preferred build is to take the assault scarabs and rely as much as possible on using abilities and generating beetles that will heal you, tank minions, camps, and soak up cannon fire. I'm not a precision player, so having some auto-attackers jump into the fray and get some guaranteed hits is nice, and the damage adds up without me getting picked off. You of course 'can' use the burrow ability offensively, but it's an awesome trick to go under bushes or through walls to surprise a Dragon Night shrine or hero that though the was going to get a creep camp without you noticing.. it's a nice little trick. Zagara-(Ranged Specialist, Star Craft): Zagara is likely going to be the first hero that I spend the gold from my hard earned matches to buy. Like I said before I really like playing ranged classes and Zagara like his class explains, really fits the bill. The first time I let loose a rolling barrage of banelings against minions, heroes, and enemy structures i was sold, there is something empowering about exploding iridescent goo all over your opponents and doing area splash damage in the process. In my mind, you really can't go wrong with a little AOE (again I'm not the most accurate of targeters, so this fits my play style). As far as talents go, if I know I'm playing with a friend, Demolitionist provides excellent early push and enemy fort destruction, but as of late, I've been playing a lot of solo random teams, so it's a much safer bet to stick with Centrifugal Hooks, and watch my banelings travel twice as far. My level 4 talent, I have a bit of a hero bloodlust so I pick envenom to further damage enemy heroes, Level 7, abilities are by far the most powerful part of any hero, and cooldown reduction means more casting, so I take Battle Momentum to allow me to get off more abilities more often, Level 10 there are some interesting tricks you can pull with Nydus worms, including using them to capture creep camps, but, unless you're trying to pull some hacky solo trick i find the Devouring Maw (a 4 second damage over time that swallows enemy heroes taking them out of the fight) is an incredibly powerful tool for turning group battles in your favor and too hard to pass up unless you have a very specific strategy that dictates using the nydus worms (not likely in random group play). In my mind the level 16 and 20 talents are completely determined by the matchups and your own group make-up so I'm not going to get into them. Zagara is just fun to play, visually satisfying, easy enough to stay at good range while dealing massive amounts of damage to opponents and structures, and has the ability to tank creep camps and really turn the tide of battles. What do you all think of Heroes of the Storm? I used to play DOTA back when it was a custom map in Warcraft III, but skipped the whole league of legends stand-alone games, but I have to say, that Heroes of the Storm is a pretty compelling game to play, and I look forward to it being opened up to more of my friends so I can play along side them, plan some strategies and enjoy the MOBA genre like it is meant to be played. Let me know if you want to hear my thoughts on some of these other heroes (other than Rhegar who I haven't gotten around to playing yet). Heroes in the rotation that I have not covered, but will if you ask me to: Falstad- (Ranged Assassin, Warcraft) Malfurion-(Ranged Support, Warcraft) Rhegar- (Melee Support, Warcraft) Tyreal- (Melee Warrior, Diablo)