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almost cought me on vingle during detention, theyll never catch me hahahaha
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I dunno @KLAIRELAURIE but someone did. Apparently he is in rehab now
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god damnit
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So the cocaine train has left? :'(
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Real talk don't do drugs! I've got friends struggling with losing families and the privelidge to see their own kids because of drugs! Plus growing up all my friends that got into drugs quit skating. Smoke weed after you graduate if you must 馃崄馃挩馃憤馃槈 (not that I ever would or anything silly like that馃槈)
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@AlbertDeCastro of course not. That shit messes you and your life up. I don't even mess around with that stuff. But this was just meant to be in all good fun. I know how you feel though I have seen my friends struggle with drugs and alchol also I've seen my family deal with it too
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