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For upcoming drama series THAT WINTER, THE WIND BLOWS, that has already cast Zo In-Sung & Song Hye-Kyo in the leading roles, actor Kim Beom and singer-actress Jung Eun-Ji (from idol group "A Pink") are "highly considering" roles in the drama series as supporting actors. Filming for the drama series begins this month and will air sometime in 2013 in South Korea.,_The_Wind_Blows
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I don't know she just gives me the vibe of a lead actress not a support one. Again, I think That Winter the Wind Blows sounds like an amazing drama and I do think she can learn a lot from the great actors in it but I'm just afraid that she will be overshadowed by those great actors. I don't mind the Kim Bum and Eun Ji pairing tho :)
@yourinsomnia.. that's a given as jo in sung and song hye kyo are already what you call seasoned actors.. this is a good challenge for her.. make herself float in acting among these kind of actors.. wouldn't you agree...?
@nylamrehs so you think it would be a good chance for Eun Ji to make an outstanding performance?
yep, i bet she will...i have confidence that she can match everyone's acting, she's a natural...though she is still new in acting, she's already good... don't you think so..
she is good and natural but its still much harder to shine in secondary girl role due to less screentime and the the kind of characterization secondary girls given (usually bitchy and 2 dimensional)