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But of course. I find it works really well when floating roe for silvers.
@CaseyJohnson That's great! My kids are still little but I hope they'll learn to be like that as well. Lucky to have kids who love spending time fihsing with you
@CaseyJohnson Yep, I can't say that works for me ever
I love these guys! Bert and Ernie are perfect for hosting a fishing show! I have gone even further and tied a string around a minnows tail and dragged it back and forth like a pet on a leash until some fish snagged it and I snagged the fish! I say whatever it takes to catch them because some fish are harder to find and catch and it's always great to have a good run!
When the silvers are in down town, the water is clear enough you can have a spotter up above calling it out, so I'm pretty much just running my roe through a school of 10-15 fish or sometimes just a sheet of black, and at least one of them has got to be hungry. I've had days where I'm in and out in 15 minutes with my limit (3), spent more time putting on waders than fishing. ....
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