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During our travels through Tibet, we drove to the Mount Everest Base Camp. The weather was so clear you could easily see the top of Mount Everest. I kept trying to strain my eyes to see if anyone was on the top! There were a lot of people at the base camp scurrying about. What a beautiful mountain. It looks like you could just put on some boots and walk right to the top -- from here. LOL! I can only imagine the VIEW from the top of that thing. The small stacked stones in the foreground are prevalent throughout the Himalayas. Tibetans believe that when they die, their souls travel the globe looking for homes. So they build these small "houses" so their souls have somewhere to live in the afterlife. Apparently someone thought this would be a great place to put a house. I can't blame them; look at that view! Has anyone climbed Mount Everest? It's not on my bucket list, as I'm not nearly a strong enough climber, and I don't train for climbing, but what a life story!
yeah n this is a life law! be UP,to solve high problems...
lolololol never!!!!
I don't know. @marshalledgar - you seem like the type that would run around kicking people's houses over. LOL! J/K!
lolol, I'd never knock them over. Just good to know. lol
@marshalledgar! Yes! Don't knock it over!
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