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Last time, servant from Won arrived in Go Ryeo. And CY came to know King of Won wants ES and wanna take her to his country. CY says to ES "We should runaway." Can ES be out of Won's sight?! ES asks " If Won King want me I gotta follow him?" CY says "Embassador from Won gonna ask GM to take you with him, them GM gotta order u to follow. Then I gotta guide you to Won as GM's order. Before that, I will take you off from him." In the meanwhile, Embassador transfer King's saying. "King said he can't trust you anymore. U refused to use seal from Won. If you do like that continually, Go Ryeo will have war with Won. I'm also person who was born in Go Ryeo. I'm here to help your independence from Won. First, use Won's seal again. Second, eliminate ES for excusing the behavior which disobeyed Won. She's famous and appropriate to make excuse. CY asks some favor to his servant before he leaves. CY doesn't understand why GM doesn't want to meet him. Choi servant says "GM officially allowed to give ES to Won. He ordered to runaway ASAP before he approches the order to you. Don't be catched up. Won embassador wanna execute ES publically." Embassador explains situation to DH. "DH accepted all my saying. I came here to make Go Ryeo belonging to Won. If I need sth, I will tell you when I need sth." CY and ES is running away to heaven's door. While resting, CY asks what was good while she was staying here. She says GM orders to prepare for war ASAP. Servant asks if he really gonna take the risk. GM says "I'm gonna make Won to avoid war if possible. I will show my strong will about independence." DH says "ES is running with CY now." GC says "You promised me to bring her next to me. But why she's with CY? If you didn't let her go, how she's running? Now I don't wanna hear your excuse anymore." GC tried to harm DH, but suddenly he felt pain in his arm. He got cured, ordering to find CY and kill him. ES and CY stays in a restaurant. While she's ordering a drink, CY feels dangerous atmosphere. He knocks down strangers and finds ES's APB. NK asks GM's thinking. She asks "If you don't accept Won's offer, you gonna take war with them?" GM asks "I don't know. What are you going to do if you're King of a country?" While she's answering, she has morning sickness. JB finds that NK got pregnant. GM goes to see NK. He says "How I met a lady like you? Thank you for being my Queen." ES woke up in the middle of the night. CY is protecting ES's shelter. She asks "You're worrying about GM, right? Take me till I approach to the town with heaven's door. You can go back then." CY says "I can't go back now. I gave my position to servant" Then suddenly ninjas tries to invade ES's shelter, so CY beats them. Embassador came to foster GM to follow his saying. GM says "I know you came here to make Won to dominate Go Ryeo. Just tell me your intention directly without beating around the bush." But he says "I will give you four days to think more. ES and seal from Won. That's the only thing I asks you." Going out, embassador thinks he need ES to persuade GM. He orders to a ninja to bring ES and kill CY. ES and CY are still gonig their way. ES sees CY feels tried, and teaches how to say fighting with hands to cheer him up. They approached a town and ES went to drugstore to purchase some medicines to care relieve infection from poison. In the meanwhile, CY finds recruitment of military. He asks if there's emergency in Go Ryeo's boundary. GM is preparing to work. NK says "I'm going to temple to pray my baby's well-being. Take care of your work first. I'm Ok." GM wanna deal with GC. He asks "Does DH have seal from Won? I heard that he used it." GC says "If I give it to you, what are you gonna let me?" GM says he's let him to go out from his home to get heaven's door. To hear the offer, GC immediately give the seal to GM. NK entered temple to pray. But while servants are looking outside, NK goes to a secret place. There she says "I came here to get letter from my mom. Where's servant who gonna transfer it?" Then suddenly every door is closed and NK is trapped. CY took ES to a quiet place and said "Stay calm." Then ES came to drop her stuff and while finding it, she gets a paper in film case. The paper says 'If you read this, you'll be with him. I remember all the moment with him. ES, I'm yourself in the future.' Preview of Ep.20) GM gets so worried knowing that NK disappeared. "I gotta go and find her by myself. Cant you get any news from CY?" In the meanwhile, Embassador force GM once again, asking if he's prepared to accept his offer.
@kemi, in the history he did at a young age (30+) am i right? njkim?.... but i don't know in this drama...^^
is Choi young gonna die in the end?
awhile I read this recap till the end of episode, I'm also watch replay from Youtube.. it not even haft but really need to scream !! lol cant wait for tomorrow! :P
@choyoonhye... lol.. don't worry, we'll get the ep tomorrow at dramacray and that's with eng subs alrady... that's how i think when it buffers a lot like that... "it's okay, i'm gonna be able to see this again tomorrow."...lol
@nylamrehs.. hopefully so... coz i was about to throw my laptop out the window coz it was BUFFERING... which didn't happen last week... gawd! it was such an awesome ep, yet servers were stupidly slow..>.<
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