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I've been making cinnamon rolls for years and make it in all different way like putting walnuts and raisins in it and drizzled with 2 kinds of frosting like orange cream cheese and vanilla frosting, just alternately spreading all over the warm bread. Last night I thought I made a new version by adding pumpkin pie mix ( from scratch I made, left over for my pumpkin pie recipe) in the batter. The result is amazing! When its bak8ng in the oven, the aroma is toxic! ... in a good way :) the house smells so good ... you're like baking a pumpkin pie and rolls at the same time. It hit the spot when I had a piece with my cup of coffee Give it a try :)))
I'd love the recipe for the homemade pumpkin mix!
There is definitely enough to share - shall I send you my shipping address? lol!
I would also love the pumpkin cinnamon recipe!
Whoa, yum doesn't even begin to describe this!
ok, here's what I did to the pumpkin mix: like you see on photos I posted, I used a whole large pumpkin, cut it up and steamed it, then took the skin off and then I added all the fattening stuff in like a can of Carnation evap and condensed milk, a cup of heavy whipping cream, a lb of melted salted butter, 3 c of white sugar, 2 blocks of softned cream cheese, 6 eggyolks, 6 whole eggs and a cup of raw honey. For the spices, i sprinkled ground cinnamon, cardamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves and 3 tbs of pure real vanilla. '
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