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I prepared cute bento that is filled with Octopus sausage, mini hen eggs, Happy face roll and Kimbap(Korean style with various vegies which is good for who doesn't like vegies. with steamed sticky rice seasoned with sesame oil and salt.) to make octopus sausage. 1.cut in 8 pieces for only half part of sause. 2.put it in the boiling water. 3.take it out when the cut part shaped outside like octopus to make Kimbap. 1. all the vegies ready cut in long and slim.(recommend: cucumber. carrot. yellow radish pickle.;korean style) 2. whipped eggs (4~5)with little bit of salt and cook on wide pan. let it cook each side. and cut stripe . 3. mix little bit of salt and sesame oil with steamed sticky rice.(not too salty) 4. place seaweed and put rice on it.just put rice 2/3part of seaweed. 5. put all the vegies and egg cooked on the rice. 6. and roll over gently 7. rub little bit of water or sticky rice to glue the edge.
The Happy Face roll is so perfect!!
I definitely consider creative bentos to be an art or craft, @HappyMartha!
making this kind of bento. . is much closer to art and craft class. . you need scissors to cut happy eyes.
@WordDoctor She needs to teach us how to make it! I want smiling kimbap too.
This is so adorable I want to try this
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