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Any thoughts on using bmx helmets for downhill longboarding. Reason is I've got two laying around gathering dust. I thought of removing the peak and making a visor. Just until I can afford a vector
that's exactly what I did, I used super thin plexiglass and cut it out to fit my helmet how I wanted, I couldn't shape it good enough to how I wanted so I used rubber cement and glued it down, not the best way but I can't afford a long board fullface haha
I'll post a picture of mine tonight
Works. seen it. looks okay. Do it!
I think that longboarding helmets are made specifically for longboarding. Same with bmx. Idk how much padding is in bmx helmets but I know you want a lot in longboarding helmets.
@ghostoftheswift I'm going to have a go over the next week n see what I can come up with. I'll post a card dude
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