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Hmmm such a nice day outside, but wait!!!
me: hmmm such a nice day. I'm gonma skate! School: it would be a shame if you know....YOU HAD HOMEWORK so here i am, skate deprived. My favorite pass time (my boards) hang on the wall beginning me for a ride that i cannot offer :(
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@AndrewVollmar That was in high school or?
3 years ago·Reply
sopmore high school @shulace
3 years ago·Reply
@AndrewVollmar That's an intense high school curriculum. 900+ reports for all your classes every week. If that's no exaggeration either you went to a super elite school or had shitty teachers haha
3 years ago·Reply
but the projects only take about an hour @shulace because I've gotten so used to doing it so often
3 years ago·Reply
@benkaplan whats homework?
3 years ago·Reply