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Welcome again! Here are the top writing cards, in my humble opinion, from our communities this week! (For more info on why I am doing this, see here: Top Card: - "08:54:51 Time Is The Enemy" by @DJamesBreaux This card will be made "sticky" to remain at the top of the Creative Writing Recommended Feed for one week. Congratulations @DJamesBreaux! Five Great Runner-ups: - "The Beautiful Becoming" by @EdwardIreland - "Stay at Home Holiday" by @moya23 - "Mimes" by @KaitlynnJanae - "Gravy" by @GeorgeJensenJr - "When We're Together" by @RobertStriker I recommend you all go and read these pieces, learn from them, give them feedback, and enjoy! I hope that next week I can showcase more great works to inspire your writing.
i love seeing this. not only do I love being considered in that great 5 but I love learning what you and what other people like in a poem. is it the rhyming poems? is it the thoughts the poem invokes in the reader? is it the emotions? or the concept? what makes certain poems about love better than other poems about love? I love seeing how many different styles of writing captures the attention of others and this is a great way to show that.
@KatilynnJanae Thank you so much for your kind words, Kaitlynn. One of my major goals in creating this weekly feedback system was to help foster this kind of learning environment where we can all gain from each other's writing and feedback, so this makes me very happy to hear. Congratulations again! You deserve this featuring.
@KaitlynnJanae Congratulations!!! I agree with you. Even though I haven't posted my own work (besides in prompt response) I really enjoy learning more about writing and poetry by reading everyone else's work! It's rewarding in its own way.