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"Hey bruh, can I ride your board?" No.
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Guy I don't know: Can I ride your Longboard? Me: No Friends: Can I ride your Longboard? Me: No Best friend: Can I ride your Longboard? Me: I'll think about it Cute Girl/Guy: Can I ride your Longboard? Me: Yeah sure. Maybe you should hold onto me though I don't want you falling
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Lol @EugeneAlcantar but that does describe most of us. Besides my friends and a cute girl I won't let anyone ride my board.
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@EugeneAlcantar @DanielSpazJames I would only trust my best friends and some people I skate with to be on my board. Never though will I let them use it outside my field of vision :P
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i dont even trust my sister with her OWN board...she dont know how to love it..
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@KLAIRELAURIE she has to know how to caress it, hold it, treat it right, love it. You need to teach her those things
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