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You are uniquely you. You can be... You shall be... You will be... You possess incredible value. This video is really poignant and uplifting. Thoughts?
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So far I've discovered that men seem to be much more sensitive than we think - or than the stereotypes say. Many just don't seem comfortable expressing it. Same goes for body perception and insecurities.
True @sanityscout, men are insecure. just look at your local gym. Men are in search of the mighty six-pack. On the other hand, while women gauge beauty, men are busying themselves with who's more successful amongst men.
I agree - and also think they cross over (women comparing success, i.e. in careers, parenting, etc. - and men comparing attractiveness)
Have you seen Emma Watson's speech at the UN? For the HeForShe campaign - she makes really great points about how the genders can be more understanding and less antagonistic toward each other, and that that in turn can do more for feminism and women's equality than always choosing a confrontational stance:
@sanityscout No, I didn't see it. That sounds really interesting. I need to look at that. thanks for the suggestion.