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Watch these adorable pups recreate your favorite scenes from Disney flicks. In costume. In slo-mo. Yeah, it really doesn't get any better than this. I'm going to have to say that Ariel-dog was my personal favorite: he has the pose and hair flip just right! How did they manage to get that exact pose?!
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First off, why are there Disney dogs? Second, why are they in slo-mo? All I know is that I love it!
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can't even right now. this is everything. my life is complete.
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I need to watch this every morning.
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The little jasmine dog is the CUTEST
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@Sjeanyoon Don't ask questions, just enjoy it!! @TechAtHeart @danidee I think this needs to be a daily watching ritual. @caricakes I picked Ariel as my favorite but I actually love them all~~!!
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