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Beyonce's fifth album that she dropped from out of literally nowhere was accompanied by 17 videos - one for each track. These once-teasers are now finally full videos and are all available on YouTube. I attached 10 of the previously unreleased vids and you can check them all out on her channel here: 1. "Mine" featuring Drake Beyonce manages to take Michelangelo, sand, and Drake and make something beautiful. This could possibly be my favorite song on the entire album? 2. "Blue" featuring Blue Ivy The little girl that is already lightyears cooler than I am and she's not even in kindergarden yet is featured in this track - the one and only Blue Ivy. It's a change of tempo and theme from the other tracks on this album (I'm looking at you, Partition) but it's really powerful in it's own way. 3. "***Flawless" featuring Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Probably the most over-quoted line in this entire album, but I still love it. In case you were wondering if Beyonce is still fierce as hell, she is. 4. Superpower ft. Frank Ocean Definitely not my favorite video, but the song is absolutely hypnotizing. My main question from this MV is how can Beyonce manage to look good in that weird green silk skirt and ski mask? 5. Heaven NSFW simply because you're going to need an entire box of tissues and somewhere dark to curl up in fetal position after watching this video. Beyonce's voice can make you feel emotions you never knew existed, and this is one of those instances. 6. Rocket Another example of Beyonce being incredibly sensual and sexual but still being classy - and its not just because this video was filmed in black and white. 7. Ghost Less than 3 minutes long but you feel like you've entered a different world once you reach the other side of this video. 8. No Angel Beyonce doesn't try to sugar coat or glorify the 'thug life' like so many other hip hop videos have done. She's being real and looks like a damn queen. (Jenny from the block where you at?) 9. Blow HOW DO I BECOME BEYONCE'S BEST FRIEND?! This is so fantastically late 80s/early 90s pop and I can't get enough. The colors, the clothes, that beat - this is such a jam! Does this mean pigtails are acceptable again? 10. Jealous This is how you act like a jealous (semi insane) woman, Taylor. This mini-movie is the cherry on top of B's album proving that this woman can seriously do anything.
Dang, Beyonce needs to slow down.
I am not a big B fan but you cannot deny talent. I really enjoyed Mine, but can't find enough interest to watch the rest.
I like it.
As someone who doesn't listen to enough Beyonce, this is just what I needed. Thanks @caricakes! I will be rocking out to these at work~~