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Trust Fall ~ D. James Breaux

Insecure feet fall away
from the path

of Conviction
when care assignment is

entrusted to the
Hope syndicate; they

hide nothing
that isn't already

hidden. And Trust
stays locked away,

kept safe
in the Heart;

from the villain....

elegant Deceit.

Author Notes
TRUST FALL ~ D James Breaux

@KaitlynnJanae made an #Awesome observation on tying together the emotional is a sign post that leads to Trust Fall's destination and the inspiration behind the poem....

~ Sometimes we hesitate to place Trust where we know betrayal lurks. Hope calms the insecurities that try to invade the Heart. And Hope protects the Heart from the perils of Deceit.
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well I agree with what youre saying :) @goyo
@kaitlynnJanae thanks for liking my comment. Made me feel better to be able to say that lol @DJamesBreaux yea thats the beauty of all things, I think. I am personally a numbers person, and I love how numbers can be interpreted lol Contrary to what people say, numbers and math are not black and white lol Personally, I have done the trust games, when I was a kid lol, and even when my leader messed up, it was still fun lol. Trusting, while hard, is how you get to have enjoyable experiences
@goyo You make some excellent points here; I hadn't even considered that this idea of trust isn't one that all would hold. For me as well, trust is about openness, but in my mind the idea of trust usually hangs on as something to be given or taken away, and so this poem resonates with me in the sense of not being ready to fall. But, I can completely see it from another perspective thanks to your comments!
Maybe I completely misread the poem, but I felt that the thing that spoke to me the most was the way "trust" was almost contradicting of how I think of "trust." I always associated "trust" with the idea of openness and an almost completely open environment. The poem, however, seems to contradict this notion, and almost places the idea that trust maintained and preserved in a enclosed space, hidden from the deception of the outside world... I don't know maybe I am just off, but that image, to me, was quite cool!
@DjamesBreaux @KaitlynnJanae I think I can see that hesitation you are both talking about in the way the lines are broken. Many sentences span stanzas; forcing us to hesitate on whether the thought is continuing or ending here. I love it!