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Don't you wish things were always like they look in this picture? different people, different colors, all come together in harmonic combinations? But the world is not like that, and for those who care, it might be very frustrating at times. For example, when opening the news and seeing a story about a 12 years old kid, shot by the police because he was playing with a toy gun, and knowing it can only happen in a certain kind of neighborhoods and knowing why. And it is so frustrating because you can't do much but you can't just look the other way either. So what can we do? A friend of mine worked for several years as a flight attendant. He told me once about the training of cabin crews for emergency situations. He said that the greatest challenge in these situations is that you can't really do any of the two things that your instincts tell you to do. You can't run away, and you can't do much to solve the emergency either. The way this dilemma is faced by the airline companies is to assign each crew member a very specific responsibility, so in ( the very unlikely ) case of an emergency, everybody know exactly what they are doing. This policy proved itself many times for at least, making sure passengers and crew are more calmed down, and even sometimes saved lives by enabling a faster evacuation of the plane, etc. The reason I tell you all this, is that I think its a good analogy for that "what can we do?" sentiment about discrimination. Maybe there is really not much we can do about it globally, but there is always something we can do in our immediate context. First of all we can always ask ourselves what is our position on the subject? what are our personal challenges when it comes to how do each of us treats others? and then we can become ready to react properly in cases when there is something we can do.
@orenshani7 I think discrimination is a factor in everyone's life. To say that discrimination only happens towards one race or one group is inaccurate. That is what bothers me. There is discrimination towards white people. There is discrimination towards black people. There is discrimination towards hispanics, etc. There is always discrimination, but ultimately your future is in your hands. I do not want to teach my fellow hispanics to think about what is wrong against them, rather what they need to do to succeed, and how to fix the system for all. Comparing and blaming is not going to fix anything.
As a hispanic, one thing that I was surprised to see is that people don't seem to see how certain hispanics are discriminated against by other hispanics. I believe that there is discrimination, and that we need to work together to fix the issue. I do feel, however, that often many are quick to blame certain races too much for their own personal misfortunes. I, as a Hispanic, have been called racist because I think it is not fair to blame caucasians for the problems I, a hispanic man, face. I think that discussing discrimination is great, but where I lose people is when they start to blame others rather than admit this is a problem caused by all, and as such, a problem we all have some part in fixing.
The idea of discrimination always makes me so uncomfortable, which I know isn't the right solution, but I feel like I can't negotiate the space between "ok" and "not ok" language when trying to figure out what it is I feel about the issue.
Learning what we feel about issues, and about understanding what can upset us and others is, as you say, the first step. It's impossible to sit down and say: Let's fix discrimination. But we can say "Let's chance the way Fred feels strange and discriminated against while walking down his straight--let's ask him why, and let's figure it out." If we don't understand our own feelings, we can't begin to understand those of others, I think. @orenshani7 I'm really enjoying these thought explorations, so thank you.
@goyo, I wholely and absolutely agree. Let me just add this: In the final analysis, what really matters is what kind of person you are. The system is broken because it s system. So fu*k the system. Just be a good human being.
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