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Andrea Stone's large scale photographs aren't meant to be viewed on such a small screen, it just won't do it justice. Stone's work in abstracting reality is inspired by her love for color, form and design. Stone's dream like work in City Reflections calls upon the fact that individuals perceive the world in different ways, yet our varying perceptions aren't wrong. These perceptions only seem wrong when squeezed together in discordant pieces. Here is what Stone says about City Reflections in her artist statement: "We can try to look directly at the world and never truly see it. Reality, without intention, is inevitably distorted through the lens of our personal histories. It is like light on a window, deforming the objects it is reflecting. Although never fully, objectively real, there are elements of reality most of us could agree on and that is why fragments of objects (a fluorescent light shining in a window, a car parked on a rooftop garage, or a rivet driven into steel) remain in these images as illustrations of how we see what’s in front of us. The City Reflections Project, through its imagery of colors, shapes and patterns, represents the way we place discordant pieces of our lives in proximity to each other, deconstruct the whole of an experience, embellish, elaborate and abstract the simple, plain and ordinary truth that is life."
This is so cool. I love the rigid lines the windows make versus all of the fluid reflection going on within each cell of space.
I've always loved Andrea's work. He work inspired me to strive for physical in-camera manipulation rather than relying on post-process manipulation.
@danidee Exactly! The contrast of these two things really manipulates your perception of the subject. It's really nice!