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Hey guys I'm working on a project and need help.What's your inspiration or motivation? what inspires you to get out of bed everyday? or what's inspires you to skate? please let me know and hope this helps others who need inspiration or motivaron
@steezus said it perfectly for me. I can choose to go with friends or go alone, but boarding is a release for me. It's like a get a fresh state of mind even if I was having a bad day
Boarding is a release for me. Its a time to just unwind, try new things, and fade out of the "real world" for a second and get stuck in my own little steezy bubble. It's the shit.
I'm not a skater either, but my inspiration for getting out of bed every day is simply because I love the people I get to spend my days with. It's not necessarily what I'm doing and where, but who I'm with :)
boarding also helps me get out of my comfort zone and it makes me feel free and all of my worries just dissipate
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