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I've been labeled as a "blazer of da dank kush" by many dank elderly folks on my dank local trails. Only because I longboard. It kinda ticks me off that people automatically assume dank stuff when they don't know dank diddly shit. Ok this post is only half serious but really though. I don't hate dank pot smokers (better than meth amiright) but to lump all skaters into the same category as dank pot smokers is pretty retarded. Count all the danks for a prize!! (no prize)
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IH all honesty tho I would probably ride thos
@steezus I'm a stoner personally but i agree with you completely that the two should not be associated, i Prefer to board sober though.
Totally agree with this! I think it gives longboarding s bad vibe. :(
im a fellow consumer of the dank and it pisses me off seeing anybody have anything to do with the dank such as the leaf socks or shirts that portray dank because that's a probable cause for a search from a police officer so its best to stay away from dank products and really does the while world need to onow that you smoke?
it really is annoying that so many people have this common miss conception