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Where is the best Samgyetang (Ginseng Chicken Soup) restaurants in Seoul?
No need to explain about legend Korean dish Samgyetang but you may want to know where authentic Samgyetang restaurants are in Seoul. Check out following links to see local's recommendation. You may visit any of them as quality is guaranteed by locals. ^ ^ If you want to visit restaurants where are already popular to foreigners... Goyeo(Korea) Samgyetang / Tosokchon / Mugyo Samgyetang http://bit.ly/1uZf4u3 Nonhyeon Samgyetang http://4sq.com/1spy576 Wonjo Hosu Samgyetang http://bit.ly/1tzmFTp If you are looking for hidden gems where haven't been popular to foreigners yet while local Koreans love them and thumbs up~ http://bit.ly/1tzmHuK http://bit.ly/1tzmIyM http://bit.ly/1rF07fQ * To book 'the best value for money accommodation in Korea', http://www.bnbhero.com
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Thanks for this! I've always wanted to try samgyetang, but seeing a whole bird in there makes me a little intimidated!
I tried samgyetang the other day it was really delicious!! I will try some of these places when I go to Korea!!