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DIY Chalkboard Mason Jar Candle

Materials: 1 Mason Jar 1 Baby Food Jar Painter’s Tape Sharp knife Black Chalkboard Spray Paint Chalk Baker’s Twine or other rustic twine Candles 1. Place a strip of the painter’s tape on the jars and draw a heart. Using your knife, cut around the heart and remove the excess tape, leaving the heart taped to the jar. 2. Take your jar and your spray paint to a well ventilated area and spray the jar(s) evenly. Once dry, take the sharp point of your knife and carefully remove the painter’s tape heart. 3. Once thoroughly dry, use the chalk to trace little dotted lines around the heart. Take the baker’s twine and wrap around the top part of the jar and you’re done!
This would be such a cute gift idea for mom (-:
Adorable! These would look great in a garden :)
My friend and I are going to make this when she gets home from work - she loves candles and mason jars and I love chalkboard paint!
So cute. I love using chalkboard paint too.
I love anything that uses chalkboard paint; the versatility of it makes the project so much more worthwhile~
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