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Cast Iron pans are coming back in style in the baking/cooking-sphere and I couldn't be happier! There are plenty of misconceptions about these awesome pots and pans, and Serious Eats does a fabulous job of explaining the truth! Myth #1: "Cast iron is difficult to maintain." Cast iron is tough as nails! Most new pans even come pre-seasoned, which means that the hard part is already done for you and you're ready to start cooking right away! My grammy still uses her MOM's cast iron pots! Myth #2: "You should NEVER wash your cast iron pan with soap." False! Go ahead and wash your cast iron pans with soap. The one thing you shouldn't do? Let it soak in the sink! Minimize the time it takes from when you start cleaning to when you dry your pan. If that means letting it sit on the stovetop until dinner is done, so be it! Myth #3: "Don't use metal utensils on your cast iron pan!" The seasoning in cast iron is actually remarkably resilient. Scrape away with a metal spatula and unless you're actually gouging out the surface of the metal (and why would you be doing that?) Visit Serious Eats for some more myths and cleaning techniques!
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I have an old cast iron that was my grandmother's. A little pam depending on what you're cooking and you'll be set to go.