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Sony Pictures employees left work early today, most of them anyway. Sony's IT department will be running overtime hours in order to deal with a massive breach in their system perpetrated by a group of hackers named Guardians of Peace, or #GOP. A single server was breached late last week, but that single breach has spread like wildfire across Sony's network. The image you see above appeared on every Sony Pictures computer in the United States. Sony Pictures operations were then taken offline around the globe, but not before the hackers made off with huge haul of internal documents. #GOP leaked a large ZIP file that contains two massive lists and excel documents of passwords. The documents appear to be from the Sony Pictures finance department, this really sounds like a nightmare for Sony and its customers. It's understandable that Sony would keep these types of files, but one would expect them to better secure the files after Sony suffered the 2011 PSN hack fiasco. That hack was the fourth biggest data breach in history at the time.
Oyyyy.....@EemanAlipour I was able to like it? Strange....maybe the GOP are stopping this info from spreading, too :P
Another security scare for Sony? They're looking all at sea in that department lately.
@Spudsy2061 I've heard the leak came form an insider as well AKA it was probably even more thorough than it could have been...
What are the demands??
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