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Cheap or the Bomb?

So I got a new deck coming in soon to show to you guys, but I've been trying to decide what trucks to get for it. 44 Cals or cRonin's.. Should I save some money with the Caliber 2's or go all out with the Ronin's. Anyone who has gone ham on both of of these trucks give me their opinion on what you think. and everyone else, which one looks better. Thank you so much!
Well it's honestly all preference but if your looking for the never fail money's worth truck go with Cali's I recommend getting venom bushing along with them if they don't already come together and if you have a board over 34" I suggest the Cali 50s. another thing is Cali 2s just recently dropped the are made of higher concentrated cast metals as to prevent bending they are also lighter I hear
@ktm2014. cool thanks. any other customizations you guys prefer on the caliber II's? I'm totally overhauling my board.
No they fit the same @DonJones
@ktm2014 online it says the riptide 96a is for first generation caliber trucks only. does it really matter?
@EugeneAlcantar I have a Cal 2 in back and the first gen in front. Boardshop messed up, but they still work pretty good. I want a set of Cal 2's now lol especially in that gold :o
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