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One of my favorite parts about holidays, particularly Thanksgiving and Christmas, goes so far beyond the food, and the family, and the quality time that we spend together. Somehow, it ends up being about television. And I know that sounds completely horrible, but I'm not going to lie about it! Look, I'm not talking about ignoring your family to watch TV (in most cases) but enjoying the great marathons that TV has to offer during holidays. I am all about ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas, and late night Storage Wars marathons (though not restricted to holidays) have always been my weekend. This year is no exception: there are marathons that you should be aware of, so that you don't miss some possibly fabulous TV time. I'm not promising any of these to be good, but that's up to you to decide! iends (Thursday 27 November at 10am EST, on TBS) No modern sitcom has embraced America’s signature holiday like the dearly departed Friends. For the third year in a row, TBS is going to play all 10 of the show’s holiday episodes in order, including the one with Brad Pitt. Yes, we can all remember happier times when everyone in the family got along. :: Friends (Thursday 27 November at 10am EST, on TBS) featuring all 10 holiday episodes, in order! :: The Simpsons (Thursday 27 November at 4pm EST, on FXX) featuring 12 of the shows best episode and The Simpsons movie. :: Portlandia (Thursday 27 November at 9am EST, on IFC) featuring 11 episodes all day long. Season 5 starts in January! :: Adventure Time (Thursday 27 November at 9am EST, on Cartoon Network) featuring 10 episodes in a row! Enjoy @spudd :) :: Star Trek: the Next Generation (Friday 28 November at noon EST, on BBC America) :: Thursday night on CBS will be the same as usual (Big Bang Theory, etc.) :: Thursday night on NBC will be football. :: Thursday night on ABC will be reruns. :: Thursday night on FOX will be "Cause for Paws," will feature celebrity guests encouraging viewers to adopt locally! :: The Millionaire Matchmaker (Thursday 27 November at 3pm EST, on Bravo) ::"Alaska: The Last Frontier" (Thursday 27 November at 11am EST, on Discovery Channel.) :: Modern Family (Thursday 27 November at 10am EST, on USA) feature 14 hours worth of this show! USA is letting viewers pick which shows get chosen. :: Swamp People (Thursday 27 November at 7am EST, on History Channel) :: Cops (Thursday 27 November at 5pm EST, on Spike) featuring not James Bond, which makes me sad since that's what Spike usually shows, but maybe you'll enjoy it?