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With the Ravens win, all 4 AFC North teams have 7 wins. The Cincinatti Bengals are still in the lead because of their 7-3-1 record (due to their tie). The Ravens are next with a 7-4 record but they own the tie breaker over the Steelers and Browns. After the Ravens are the Steelers with a 7-4 record and they hold the tie breaker over the Browns. The Browns with their 7-4 record is last in the AFC North based on their win percentage in common games. The Browns will need to win these key AFC North matchups if they want to win as they are deepest in the hole right now. If you thought the NFC West was going to be a tight race, the AFC North is the epitome of a tight race. Who do you think makes it in?
@goyo I mean why even have conferences then. Might as well just do top 12 teams regardless of conference
@EightyNine I dont know... What does a divisional championship even mean? Isn't it sad that it the only real value of the division championship is to get into the playoffs when you dont deserve it lol You are right, though. Crazy upsets are bound to happen if the Saints just rekindle some of that old magic for one game lol
@Goyo That would add a twist to things but then the divisions are kind of meaningless then. I think the 4 tops with 2 wild cards is still a good system. Just so we can have some crazy upsets. I think the Falcons or Saints will have a good chance to upset someone if they make the playoffs. Soemtimes the ball just doesn't go your way in the regular season
@EightyNine @DanteL Would it not be better to create a playoff system that rewards the conference's 6 best teams, regardless of division?
Ravens win the NFC North, Saints win the NFC South
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