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baking with love

another couple in my collection
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I can really see their baking chemistry through this image, especially with your capture of the baking powder. @jaredian05 Did you use a film camera for this photoshoot? Also, I would love to see more of your engagement photoshoots and read about them if you don't mind posting it. I think it'll be a great collection.
@jaredian05 Unfortunately I don't use facebook. I only stick to email for communication and Vingle for blogging. Sorry! I really like the editing effects. It really depicts film photography. DId you use lightroom or photoshop for you editing?
@stargaze hi, I don't use film.. I used the nikon d610 with 1.4f 35mm lens. its just the editing that looks like a film. do you have a facebook? all our engagement sessions and some stories are there. oir fb page is midorimoon.
@caricakes they are both the owner of "the cake room" which they do pastries and desserts, they wanted to do a pre nuptial pictorial on thier kitchen.
Cute! What's their story?
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