4 years ago500+ Views Valkyrie Truck Co. makes adjustable bases that riders actually want to use. Our patent-pending adjustable bases keep your trucks at the lowest constant ride height of any adjustable base on the market, offering a range of angles you already ride. Now riders can set the angle of their favorite hangers to match the terrain they're shredding. Valkyrie adjustable bases mark the beginning of a new era of setup customization. Downhill skateboarding is on the rise and skaters are using today’s technology to ride hills in ways impossible to imagine a decade ago. One reason for this explosion within longboarding is the significant improvement in skateboard technology. From decks, to wheels, to trucks, all of the components one uses are being improved constantly. However, there are inadequacies. Longboarding is being subdivided into different disciplines, each requiring a unique setup. While changing wheels may not be too much of a burden, changing truck angles is a pain. The baseplate angle of a complete longboard truck has a significant effect on the performance of your setup; high angles are great when you want a lot of maneuverability, and low angles shine when you start skating faster. In order to change your angles currently you would have to disassemble your board and use either risers, a different baseplate, or a combination of the two to achieve the angle you desire. Our solution is a beautiful two-piece, fully CNC milled adjustable base that allows you to quickly set the angle of your trucks to any angle between 35-50 degrees. We designed our bases to work with trucks you already own so that you can ride the trucks you know and love with the added benefit of being able to change angles on the fly. To sweeten the deal further, we designed our baseplates to be compatible with tall bushings (0.75" high) which allow for greater lean than standard 0.6" tall bushings. All bases will ship with Riptide WFB pivot cups to ensure a smooth ride. We chose to CNC mill each base because of the very tight tolerances that are necessary to guarantee that our bases do not move around while you're riding. Hildr Compatibility (reverse kingpin trucks only) Randal RII Paris Caliber Gunmetal Buck Gullwing Charger II PNL (Pretty Noise Lab) Radical Talons Precision Cast Kahalani Svipul Compatibility (reverse kingpin trucks only) Bear Grizzlies REY Trucks (Devil REY, Sting REY, REY Lites) Buzzed Trucks (extra washer needed board side) BIG PICTURE STUFF Q: Why angles matter? A: The angle of your bases determine how much turn you get when you lean the board. Imagine you have two identical boards where the only difference is one board has two 35 bases and the other has two 50 bases. If you were to lean the same amount on each board (angle of the deck relative to the ground is the same for each), you would be able to make a tighter turn on the setup with 50 bases. High degree bases (~50) are great for cruising and technical freeride where you have tons of rotations and quick checks. Low degree bases (~40 and lower) are less responsive and can be perfect for skating fast. Q: What’s the deal with split angles? A: Riding split angles refers to when your rear truck is set to a lower angle than your front truck. In a setup where both trucks are set to the same angle, the front and rear of the board contribute equally to steering. In a split angle setup, the front turns more than the rear of the board. Rear steering is inherently unstable, and so a lower angle in the rear can help improve your stability at speed. Think of a car as an extreme example of this- it only steers from the front and is very stable going fast on the highway. Q: How does angle choice affect which bushings to use? A: The lower the angle of your trucks, the more leverage the hanger has over the bushing. In order to get similar rebound from two trucks with different angles, you’ll need to run harder bushings in the truck with the lower angle base. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Q: Which trucks will fit on your bases? A: Svipul is compatible with Bear and REY trucks. Hildr, which we are getting into production, was designed around the Randal geometry. That means Paris, Caliber, Randal, Gunmetal, Buck, Gullwing, PNL and many others will work on it. Check our compatibility guide for more information on your specific trucks. Q: What is the ride height? A: Ride height is comparable to stock for most trucks (less than 0.1" difference). Trucks like Calibers and Paris are nearly identical to stock ride height for all angles when used with Hildr. The only major exception is when using Death REYs on Svipul; in this case the ride height is a super low 2.20". Q: How many should I buy? A: That's totally up to you. More is always better though, isn't it? Q: If I only buy one, should I use it for the nose or tail of my board? A: Using one stock base and one Valkyrie base, we've found that most riders use our adjustable bases for their rear trucks. This way you can increase the angle to be the same as your stock bases for a symmetrical setup which is ideal for freeriding and very technical courses, or you can turn it down to increase stability for speedy DH runs.
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