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First Take's Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith debate if the Dallas Cowboys have proved that they are not the same Cowboys of years past. While I understand why Skip Bayless is so excited, I have to say you have to temper your expectations. The Cowboys have always played well in the regular season but its the postseason where they have the most trouble. It's always tough to win within your division but let's give the Giants credit for playing them tough. The Cowboys defense is still suspect and the injuries seem to keep piling up for them. In the playoffs thats not going to be okay. What do you guys think?
@EightyNine "My Cowboys, my Boys.... (awkward silence)....."
@Goyo I'm sure he is hiding somewhere in the studio
@EightyNine I wonder what Skip says after their drubbing at the hands of the Eagles
@Goyo We'll see tomorrow how they do. I for one thought the Giants played at the level they should have been all year. They were still learning McAdoo's offense and it seems like they've got it down now for the most part. I think the Giants will finish the year off with some good wins.
So am I missing something here? Is Skip really this happy about the Boys "fortunate" win vs the lowly Giants? Shouldn't this be a big problem for Cowboys fans? I mean to have to get everything go right in order to pull this game out should be a problem no? Do they not see how this can be a huge problem if they were playing the Hawks or the Eagles or dare I say, the Cardinals?
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