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It's been over three seasons since I've actively watched Dancing with the Stars, but I still catch up on performances with rave reviews every once and a while, and THIS is what I call an awesome performance! I believe the theme for the week was freestyle, which totally opened the creatively floodgates, I think! This couple (Sadie and Mark) did a completely adorkable dance to the oh-so-familiar Super Mario Bros. gameplay music, complete with the star bonus and level up noises! I really loved this performance. It was sweet, fun, and brought out some full-on nostalgia that makes me want to curl up and play Mario Bros. for the next five hours. P.S. They got 10s from all the judges!
I'm not really a fan of this show but I thought their routine was pretty good!
@timeturnerjones I know! When I saw a screencap of this performance, I was worried it was going to be silly. I was always a bigger fan of So You Think You Can Dance because of the creativity there over Dancing with The Stars, but I think I might have been wrong in that judgement!
@hunahuna I'm always pleasantly surprised when a nice routine like this shows up!
I have never seen a cuter performance from this show dear gosh wow are they finally getting "geeky" for me in a way I like? I know Super Mario Bros is popular with so many people, but this really stays true to the game while still being fun. Awesome!!!